Synthesit™ - a phenomenal result and a stable effect
Synthesit - a mineral that increases the number of stem cells and gives a new quality of life.

This material presents text and video versions of a video stream with a leader

Synthestech project by Vladislav Karabanov, in which you will find the following information:
-Two new interviews with impressive biogenic effects Synthesit
-Specific Deadlines for STT Token Termination
-Start of taking funds for Synthesit
-Answers to questions from viewers
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Vladislav: I welcome you to our next video stream. The schedule of the video stream is as follows: we must talk about the action of Synthesit. Next, I'll talk about our plans for the sale of Synthesit, accepting funds for Synthesit and the end of tokens' sales, as well as answer your questions.
In a nutshell about the start of production preparation. We have built a production complex. We are now filling it with the necessary equipment, we are only preparing this equipment, but I think that it will work in the month of February, we will begin to prepare raw materials and, as planned, we will release the industrial batch of Synthesit in March. Now we produce only laboratory quantities, exclusively for testing and for distribution to our large customers.
The first thing I would like to share is new data, new information about the action of Synthesit. Let me remind you that this is a biologically active mineral (iron), which is obtained by cold synthesis from other elements. In fact, this is a real miracle and it acts in the same way as iron, as we planned, as described, by the way, in various ancient ancient sources obtained in this way of minerals.
I ask now to give a video with Sergei Tsvetkov, he is 63 years old. He was in our laboratory, and we recorded this video, one of his first impressions. Please, turn it on.
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Vladislav: - Sergey, you are one of the first to receive Synthesit before flying to Geneva. You received the packaging from us and started accepting, about October 27th. Taking the opportunity, you came here to our laboratory center. Tell us about your feelings, impressions, how it affected what you felt?

Sergey Tsvetkov: - Yes. When I returned from the meeting that we had at the airport. At night, it was already 2 o'clock in the morning, I took the first pill and for some time I could not fall asleep, somehow I was overexcited. I felt some kind of internal vibration appear. Well, I thought it was just fatigue or something else. And the next day there was such an extremely interesting case: I drank good coffee. And suddenly, literally after half an hour, I began the process of forcing bile. I feel bad, literally. Literally, in 3 days I lost 5 kg of weight, i.e. the body is cleansed, that's how it started. I began to take it daily, one capsule per day. On the fourth day, I felt a kind of surge of strength and vigor. Moreover, this feeling was, simply, that's absolute, i.e. the muscles became elastic on the one hand, and on the other hand ... I was a regular athlete in my youth until the age of 20, even before the age of 30. And not professionally, but on an amateur level. I understand what it is like when the muscles are in good shape and the feeling of such grace for the body. That was the same feeling here.

Not only that, there was your stream when you said that one of the employees who also took Synthesit was pushing up and his well-being improved. Well, I also thought: let me try it too. Although, after a car accident, I haven't been involved in any sports for more than 30 years. Suddenly, I took 25 times squeezed, just easy and in the same breath. He got up and did not feel any fatigue in the muscles, first of all, and there was no shortness of breath. And then I felt that this was something new, really, the fatigue had passed, because after all, I was already in my 64th year. And here, really, how young he became! This feeling was long, and when these 20 capsules of Synthesit began to end, I took the last three capsules at first for 2 days and took a break. Then 3 days, then on the fourth last, in order to extend this is the pleasure of being healthy and strong. And one more interesting thing - at this time in Moscow there was a general flu for everyone. Everyone was sick, coughing - this misfortune simply passed me. I've never been sick all winter.

Vladislav: - You felt such a normal state, it was natural, it is natural, there is no dope …

Sergey Tsvetkov: - No - this is not doping, not doping. First, what does doping mean? Before the competitions, the athlete begins to put them in some courses ... But here I took just one capsule before bedtime and went to bed. Yes, here is the only comment on this issue - when you go to bed, for example, you haven't yet fallen asleep, you are lying relaxed in bed, and you feel some kind of internal vibration in your body. This is a condition that is precisely transmitted from Synthesit to the body.

Vladislav: - You stopped, everything has already ended in the first days of December. A month has already passed and there has been a slowdown, as they say.

Sergey Tsvetkov: I can even say ... I started taking on October 27, or rather, it was already 28 ... No, on October 27 and 27 I took the last pill. I stretched 20 capsules for a month in the literal sense of the word and there was such a feeling that it was a pity that there was no way, due to the fact that I really understood that you released the first big trial batch.

Vladislav: - There is not even a party. There are several packages.

Sergey Tsvetkov: - Yes, the packaging. This feeling of vigor, youth was magnificent. The only interesting point is that my dream moved by 2 hours. I began to go to bed late. But, it is true, in the morning these 1.5-2 hours later he began to wake up. And so, the sensations of strength in the muscles began to pass ... Such here saturation, elasticity of muscles and strength only somewhere after a month and a half. Now it's the middle of January and still the remainder of the strength of that one ... Yes, of course, not so long ago I tried to do push-ups, wrung out 15 times and some kind of muscle fatigue appeared.

Vladislav: - Thank you, Sergey.
Vladislav: You listened to an interview with Sergei Tsvetkov, who was among the first to accept, began to take Synthesit. He participated in a certain way in the preparation of the experiment with mice, I promised him in the first packages ... to give one of the first packages, which I did, and he talked about his feelings and feelings.

Now I want to show another video interview with our Olga, who was being tested. This is an interview (continued), she receives Synthesit for more than about two months, and here are her responses, feelings.
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Olga: - Hello, Alexander.

- You have been taking Synthesit for about 55 days, participating in our research. Please tell me, you had some interruptions in reception: sometimes you took every other day, sometimes three days later, and sometimes you didn't take Synthesit at all. What changes have happened to you, how do you feel the stability of the effect, and what do you see, what are happening, let's say, either deterioration or improvement. Like, what, what picture is right before your eyes, what were your breaks?

Olga: - Well, I had breaks when I took in a day and didn't take at all for several days. At this time, I noticed a bit of aggravation with numbness. I had problems with numbness of my hands during sleep, and with constant use, this numbness practically came to naught. When the dose decreased, they became numb, but self-healing after numbness was faster than before taking this remedy in general. From the point of view of general well-being - vigor, it seems to me that the action has been preserved. After the holidays, when I went to work and actively traveled by metro, climbing escalators, I pointed out that I noticed once again that there were no shortness of breath when climbing the escalator - the Kurskaya metro station, there was a rather long escalator. Although, now the dose has slightly decreased compared to the initial dose.

Alexander: - And what was your maximum break? How many days did you not take as much as possible?

Olga: - As much as possible I did not take 3-4 days and there was a week where I took every other day.

Alexander: - Good. Regarding energy, you said that, in fact, such a short break, it did not particularly affect the decline ...

Olga: - Yes, it did not affect the decrease in energy, did not. Numbness, yes, affected.

Alexander: - And now 55 days have passed, you have a general well-being, everything is in order. But, let's say, many ones who take Synthesit say that they increase their resistance to infectious diseases. How is your morbidity?

Olga: - Perhaps I have not thought about this topic. But, in fact, for a long time I did not suffer from colds, including. Although, recently it was: a little sore throat and, literally, the next day passed. Maybe yes. Likely this effect is.

Alexander: - And here's another. Just a couple of days ago we contacted by phone, and you said that in winter in Moscow roads are sprinkled with salt, all these reagents, chemical things is hanging in the air. How do you have it all?

Olga: - Here I also noticed - I always had it in the winter, as soon as I went out and breathed with salt (this evaporated puddles), shortness of breath started right away, and quite strong shortness of breath. Now I'm running briskly. We, as usual, like something good, we believe that this is what is needed. And only when something bad comes. We understand, yeah, but before this was not. And this time I noticed that I have no shortness of breath effect. I run briskly this salt to the subway, run for 15 minutes on it and am quite playfully and feel good.

Alexander: - Good. Thank you very much for the interview. We will contact you in the future. I think that in a couple of weeks we will definitely go on the air again.

Olga: - Thank you, goodbye!

Alexander: - Goodbye!
Vladislav: You watched a video from our test now. The results and sensations you heard. This is very important for us, because we, therefore, want to make sure the effectiveness of Synthesit before starting sales. In this case, we made sure.

The fact is that in addition to the tested, in addition to Sergey, we are received by some employees of our center. I took, but with a break. And the break did not have the best effect, so at the end of this break I caught the flu. Thus. I didn't take any time and got the flu. They asked me what was with the voice? Here with the voice is what we had to accept, but we did not have Synthesit, because we sent everything for tests.

Now for sales. Probably, in two weeks to all who received, who made the pre-order, we will inform about the possibility of making a payment. The fact is that almost the first batch is not practically, but sold already. In any case, pre-orders, bulk orders, orders are from abroad, orders are from all countries of the world - from South Africa, from the Philippines, from South America, from all countries of the world, from Europe. It is clear that most of Russia, but, in general, large parties will go abroad. Therefore, we will offer in a week, ten days, as we are ready, we will offer those who preordered to pay. It will be given 3 days to pay for the declared packages and if after three days there will be no payment ... well, there may be a maximum of 3 or 5 days. If there is no payment, then we will accept payment from the following customers. Thus, so that we have already painted the first batch, and payment will be accepted with a delay more. Naturally, I remind you that part of the payment can be made with our tokens and we will accept three dollars for one token with our tokens. Thus. In this case, if you bought tokens, you will save.

I believe that our Synthesit, as sales, he will gain recognition and success. Now, regarding the end of token sales. We plan ahead of schedule to complete the sale of tokens, it will also be over the next week, maybe ten days. Well, the way we are ready for sales. To date, we have already tested the sales mechanism - receiving via the Internet from Russian users, from foreign ones, everything is there, everything works. In this situation, with the beginning of payment acceptance, we stop the sale of tokens.

What else I want to say, I ask you to pay attention to this - information about the action of Synthesit, about the experiments, we will post on the specialized channel "Synthesit" a YouTube channel, i.e. we have and the YouTube channel "Synthesit". Please show me how to make a YouTube request from the word "Synthesit", I ask you to subscribe to this channel, as there will be information on this channel. She will not be on the Synthesech newsletters, because these are two different things. It is one thing to send out an investment research project by Synteztech. And this is the sale of Synthesite. Therefore, do not just log in, but subscribe, it is very important.
Vladislav: What else do I want to say? To date, it is already clear that Synthesit has a stable effect, a stable result. The mice, I recall, had a result - an increase in stem cells.

In the research program, we will continue to work with monkeys. but, obviously, with people, with those with whom we communicate. With those who receive Synthesit - with our testes. Obviously, a very powerful and lasting effect of Synthesit. It affects the blood - it is iron, the main mineral that the human body needs. This iron, obtained by us in this way, it acts, awakening energy forces, strengthens some processes inside the body.

Here are a few questions that they asked me, you also write your questions in the chat.

Question: - I am a holder of tokens in Synthesit. At the beginning of the reception, with the surcharge for Synthesit, which you announced, can I sell my tokens for $ 3 to buy Synthesit?
Vladislav: - Yes. In your account you can exchange tokens for a promotional code (insert this promotional code) and get everything. Payment will take place at three dollars for one token.

Question: - This is from old questions. Vladislav, the results of a study of the bone marrow of mice are impressive. Will any scientific work on this subject be issued by the Bulatin Research Institute of Primatology?
Vladislav: - Yes. This work is being prepared. It will be released in the month of February in a foreign publication. I think that by the time the industrial batch is released, you will be able to familiarize yourself. Here I want to emphasize once again that we are not engaged in science and we set this task as an additional one. The main thing is practice, practical application, practical results, practical research of a practically used substance.

Question: - If I invest in STT tokens before the end of the investment, but I won't buy Synthesit for them, but leave them to receive dividends. Can I expect to receive dividends this year?
Vladislav: - Yes. We talked about this, after the sale of the first batch, the amount that will be announced on the sale, the amount of resources and funds received. There will be a special price, i.e. Synthestech project transfers the right to release products and here at this special price you will receive accruals - these will be normal amounts.

Question: - Vladislav, I have constant chronic fatigue, I often get sick especially in spring and autumn. Judging by your materials, Synthesit can help me resolve these issues. Is it necessary to change the lifestyle, taking Synthesit, for example, to refuse meat, alcohol, and smoking?
Vladislav: - Well, that's your business. Synthesit - it acts on the general circulatory system, on the metabolism in the body. But we don't know how it complies with smoking, with alcohol. I think that it acts on its own, but the combination with alcohol, we have not studied it, and we will focus on your stories.

Question: - Vadim writes. How can I pay, in what currency, by what means will the delivery be carried out, I am in Ukraine. Therefore, I consider both of these issues to be very important.
Vladislav: - For residents of Ukraine it will be offered during the choice of payment, options will be offered to you. The system will find out where you are from, pay and an option will be offered by IP address that will be convenient for you. A card, I think, can be paid from Ukraine. Sending will be either from Switzerland or from Russia. The first batch will be released in Switzerland for foreign consumers, delivery will be carried out by our Swiss counterparty.

Question: - What is the minimum, what maximum number of packages in an order is acceptable?
Vladislav: - There is no maximum quantity in the order. There may be limitations, but we have not yet launched the system, we are still testing it. It will be launched in a week, as soon as it is launched, we stop selling tokens.
I remind you again and show the Synthesit channel on YouTube. We will post feedback on this channel and after the reception, we are now sending it to some of our subscribers who have already offered for a long time, wanted to participate in our program - these are people who will take part in the distribution. I think that we will have new data on the action of Synthesit. They will be placed on the Synthesit channel.
Make a request like this - Synthesit. Be sure to subscribe - this is very important.

Question: - Pavel. Do you plan to place tokens on IPO?
Vladislav: - Everything has passed, we are finishing it. I simply consider it necessary to warn so that later there will be no reproaches that we did not warn about the early completion of the token sale. We don't need this, we are ready to release a batch: sell, advertise. Most likely, we have both the first batch and the second batch, which will be released in April - they are, in fact, already reserved. And the farther, the greater the growth of orders.

Question: - Sergey. When will the sales policy involving investors as dealers be known?
Vladislav: - I think that in a week we will inform everyone who is ready to act as a dealer. We will inform all the conditions.

Question: - Will it be possible to pay with 100% of the cost of Synthesit?
Vladislav: - No. Our memorandum indicates 50%. But this is a sufficient amount.

Question: - I want to participate in your research before the release of the first batch. Ready, just to give an interview. How do I get into your program?
Vladislav: - we have a lot of applicants. But those who got into this program are people who somehow took part in the preparation of experiments... Sergey Tsvetkov, he organized the import of mice from a nursery near Moscow. It was necessary to deliver them, to deliver them in a normal state. He did it. As a reward, they gave him a try from the first batch. You know the result.
You send your requests. As it is, we will decide there. I urge you not to be offended, because now we produce only in laboratory quantities and we get very little per month. We are preparing an industrial batch of industrial production. We just realized that industrial production in Switzerland is the main task, the main goal that will be implemented in March. We will do everything for this.

Question: - In the first interview, he said he had the body cleanse the bowel at the beginning of the reception of Synthesit. Have you noticed any similar cleaning effects in other people taking Synthesit?
Vladislav: - No. Sergey, we have the oldest participant, although it looks excellent, including after the start of Synthesit. He began to look better. But we have not heard such a reaction from others. All this is strictly individual. We must understand this. The main thing is that it acts this Synthesit, the main thing is that there was such a purification, such a wave and it began to feel great, although it is by and large a mineral.

Question: - Natalia Guzman. I pre-ordered in July. When will I be able to Synthesit?
Vladislav: - You will be able to get it as soon as the first batch is ready. We put all these pre-orders in the queue and will fulfill all our obligations, including if there was a first group when we started accepting pre-orders on the site. We have a group, when we promised, committed to deliver 2 packages for the price of one. A thousand of these packages will be sent out like this. Besides, it's our obligation. We thought that was enough – a thousand. And then we started accepting pre-orders at the usual price.
Let me remind you again that you will be given 3 to 5 days to pay and please, if you want to receive it without delay, do not delay the payment.

Question: - Yuri. About the production hall, please.
Vladislav: - Production hall, is underway, it is built, erected. We are preparing power plants. We are preparing to start working on raw materials in mid-February. Work is going on day and night, we started working on January 3 and we work almost seven days a week. We are doing everything very quickly and I believe that we have come such a long way thanks to our project participants, our investors. I think we will make them happy for our part. Everything will be fine.
There are questions about the changes... I want to say, you listened now... in the blood they ask questions, reports of doctors... you listened to the stories of real, living people, we have real reports of specialists of the research Institute of Primatology on mice to increase stem cells – this is, in General, a phenomenal result. With people, with their feelings, with their physical condition, after starting taking synthesit, I also think that these are phenomenal results, and they are stable. I think that the mineral will be in such serious demand. Yes, and I also feel well and in a normal mood. Tests on people who are in our group, passed them. The tests are good, but things are much more complicated with a person, we are not doctors, we need special medical work here. But again, I will remind you that the most important thing is people's stories, and the most important thing is when you use and feel all this yourself.

I think this is the end of today's video stream. Thanks everyone. I hope that we will continue our work with you and in two months we will be able to ... well, maybe a little more, we will be able to deliver you industrial volumes of Synthesit.

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