Stem cells for rejuvenation and health. An alternative to a transplant has been obtained!

If you follow the work of celebrities (actors, politicians, singers), then you probably noticed that many of them look too young for their old age. Such youth can not be achieved only by proper nutrition, sports and makeup. What is the secret of their incredible health and appearance? Is the source of youth available to ordinary people?

The answer is positive: the secret of beauty and health is in stem cells.

What are stem cells and how they work

Thanks to stem cells, our body lives and functions.

The human body begins with a single stem cell-the zygote. In the future, its rapid division begins, resulting in new organs and tissues.

Research scientists have made it possible to conclude that at a young age, a person has one stem cell per 100 thousand standard cells. It is from it that 100 thousand cells are constantly updated and replaced with new ones.

When you reach the age of 50, 500 thousand normal cells are held on a single stem cell. A single stem cell is no longer able to cope with this load, and the body stops updating its organs and tissues at the right pace. As a result, the body wears out, becomes decrepit, and the person himself faces all the troubles of old age – reduced performance and endurance, chronic fatigue, forgetfulness.

Is there a way out of this situation?

If you could restore the number and quality of stem cells that are typical for a young age, the body would again begin to intensively update tissues and organs. As a result, a person's appearance would be significantly transformed, as well as his health and well-being.

Modern scientists at the end of the last century were able to find a way to solve the problem of biological aging. It is called "stem cell transplantation". An operation is performed during which the surgeon inserts donor stem cells into the patient's bone marrow.

If new cells take root, their division will begin, and the body will be updated. New cells will appear that will rejuvenate the body, make it healthy, strong and hardy.

Negative consequences of stem cell transplant surgery

However, this effective method has its drawbacks:

- first, the cost of such a service is very high and is only available to a limited number of people;
- secondly, no one guarantees that there are no negative consequences for the patient's health
-there is a risk of death.

Any operation is a risky intervention in the body. Transplantation of a part of the bone marrow is a complex procedure, since manipulations with stem or hematopoietic cells can lead to terrible consequences at the slightest mistake. During the operation, foreign material is introduced into the bone marrow. No one can predict how an organism will react to manipulation in its most protected and vulnerable place.

The high cost of the operation and the risk of the procedure are not the only possible negative consequences. Donor stem cells are foreign to the body, and in the future they can lead to serious diseases.

Of course, experts carefully select donors, but in nature there are no two organisms with the same characteristics and parameters.
As a result, the implanted cells may begin to be rejected, and soon this may lead to the fact that the patient who wants to rejuvenate through risky methods will die. And this will not happen immediately after the operation, but in the future, a few years later, when the patient without any special reasons will begin to fade.

Thus, foreign DNK causes irreversible changes in the body, which begin to appear after some time. However, at first it seems that the body is completely accustomed to the new cells.

So how to prolong youth, health and beauty?

Are there any other methods other than surgery for bone marrow transplantation and stem cell transplantation? Are there no other ways to prolong health, beauty, and youth? Is it necessary to take risks in order to regain strength and endurance?

There is a solution. Synthesit Iron is a unique dietary Supplement that can really turn back the clock.

This drug has a high biogenicity, which has a positive effect on human health and well-being from the first days of its administration.

Synthesit easily absorbed by the body and for the shortest possible time leads to excellent results. The production of the drug is carried out on modern equipment according to the author's developments-the only one in the world.

This biological Supplement is a revolutionary way to prolong youth and preserve beauty.
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