The newest information about the phenomenal impact of Synthesit - a mineral that increases the number of stem cells.

Within the past video stream (02/06/2020), with the project manager of Synthesit, Vladislav Karabanov, a few unique data about people taking Synthesit were announced. Phenomenal spermogram analyzes of a man taking Synthesit were presented. Vladislav also showed sensational researching data of the Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology.

In this article, you will see the part of this video stream. You can also read the full transcription (decoding) of the entire broadcast, within the Project Manager answered many questions of people who invested in the creation of Synthesit.

Good evening!

You are welcome to the video stream of the Synthestech project and I would like to tell you about our product - this is the biologically active supplement Synthesit.

I would like to talk about what we have done, what is planned, well, and answer your questions.

First of all, the most important thing is that the start of sales has begun, and this is very successful, although there is practically no advertising. Only a small number of people knows that we are entering the market. We did this specifically for our investors and those who follow our project to get some advantage and to order our Synthesit in the first queue.

I will talk about the new effects that we studied about the action of Synthesit. About the sales, about the preparation of the release, how it will look like, and some current issues.

I'll start with sales.

There are sales questions about why, for example, you can't pay everything with tokens. I want to say: we have the fact that we accept tokens of $3 for each token. This means that our tokens are already becoming relevant and supported by a specific product, that highly effective, in demand, and which will still produce a sensation in the world associated with human health. I will later show new data on how Synthesit works.
Now a few words about how it will look like. I speak to those who follow the project, they will be the first to receive, and they should understand how this product will look like. It will be packed in such a jar, and this jar will be packed in such a cardboard box.

The bottle will be protected with a hologram that will protect the lid (it will stick to the lid), if you open the lid, then you will tear the hologram and thus faking it will be harder, I'm not saying that it's impossible, but harder.

Each bottle will have its own unique, specially designed blockchain number. This blockchain number will be placed, we are still deciding where it will be placed. Perhaps it will be protected by a coating, it will be possible to remove the coating and check this number, its uniqueness.

The fact is that if you make a fake, then it is quite difficult. You can fake one, but ten or one hundred pieces is almost impossible. Even if one piece is faked, it will be noticeable - a hologram and a unique number. Therefore, a unique number can be counted the number of products released, this is also an important point. We will inform you: how many of our packages will be made in order to accrue on tokens that will remain. I emphasize once again that we accept three dollars for each token in payment for our package of Synthesit. I believe that this will be a fairly secure product.

The first consignment will be produced and packaged here in Russia.

There is a question: let's say a person paid on February 1 when he receives Synthesit. In the order it was written that the delivery is planned from 30 to 90 days. I think who orders the first will receive faster, i.e. after thirty days we are already planning to ship it. When the consignment is from Switzerland, it will probably be without a box: it will be protected, we will see - these are the details. It also will be protected.

There are questions about payment - some cards are accepted, some are not accepted. This question is related to the portal through which we accept payment. With the ROBOKASSA portal, in fact it is the most convenient in Russia, but not all cards are accepted for payment via the Internet. The fact is that there are cards that you have issued and they do not have the option "pay for goods and products via the Internet". This question is no longer for our aggregator of payments, but a question for the bank that issued this card. Moreover, this salary card is limited, maybe you did not know it when you received this card: you limited payments via the Internet. These are the details that apply specifically to your card.

There are questions about the other payment methods. The other methods are developing, but it takes time, this is long-time work. We do it. I can't say for sure, when we are implementing other forms of payment, but we'll try.

Now I also would like to say that more comprehensive report has been prepared at the Research Institute of Medical Primatology, preparation of scientific material, which will be published together with us, with Dr. Bulgin, who conducted this work. And I would like to introduce some of the results of his researches that were carried out with rather in-depth analyzes.
The number of cellular elements of all hematopoiesis germs is within normal limits
The bone marrow of a mouse not taking iron citrate
(hematoxylin and eosin stain, x400 scaling)
An increase the number of cellular elements of all hematopoiesis germs
Bone marrow of a mouse receiving iron citrate
(hematoxylin and eosin stain, x400 scaling)
You have already seen this picture: on the left side you see the bone marrow of a mouse that did not take iron citrate, i.e. Synthesit, our Synthesit. This is not just iron citrate - it is Synthesit iron citrate, which we obtained artificially. And on the right side, these are the mice that took our Synthesit.
A smear imprint of the bone marrow of a mouse not taking iron citrate
(May-Grunwald-Giemsa coloring, cytological micropreparation, scaling x400)
A smear imprint of the bone marrow of a mouse taking iron citrate
(May-Grunwald-Giemsa coloring, cytological micropreparation, scaling x400)
On the left side is a control group that did not take Synthesit.
On the right side is a bone marrow section of an experimental group of mice that took Synthesit. These cells were specially colored, and it is visible that in this part of the bone marrow, these stem cells or hematopoietic cells are much larger than in the control group.
Please show the report.
An increase in stem cells in the control group, i.e. in that group of mice that did not take Synthesit and in that group of mice, i.e. experimental, which took Synthesit. The exact ratio in mice that took Synthesit, the number of stem cells increased by 2.45 times - in fact 2.5 times.

It says that undifferentiated blasts of a mononuclear cell - are the stem cells from which all cells of the body are made in the future. They turn into cells of the liver, heart, nails, hair, everything in the body is created from these cells.

There are other indicators that our experimental group has, they are higher. There is another indicator - erythroblasts. The cells from which red blood cells are formed - the main blood cells, are increased in our experimental group by 3.8 times. This is a phenomenal result. All this remains to researchers, doctors to understand.

We are already preparing researches with primates, because it is already possible to conduct in-depth experimental work. But, besides this, we have people who received Synthesit and here, as they say, the results are obvious, they are quite objective.

I wanted to say something else - over time, when we will start to produce all this, release it, I think we will take part in a scientific conference in medical field to present our Synthesit. But, this is not our main task. Our main task is to create this product, release this product and provide profit, including for those who took part in our project.

Now I want to say a few words about those people who received our Synthesit. There is information about experience of people who took Synthesit - these are new people. This is not a test group, but a little widened the circle of people who received Synthesit. Before that, I would like to show interesting results of one our test, conducted complex analyzes containing spermogram. This is the human reproductive sphere, it is one of the key, which reflects the state of the body. This spermogram after more than a month, shows how Synthesit affects the reproductive system.

Please show
What I would like to pay attention: before start of taking Synthesit, immovable sperm counted 90%, after taking Synthesit it decreased to 85%. The viability of live sperm cells "Before" taking Synthesit was less than 58%, and this is below normal. And "After" the start of taking Synthesit, the viability of live sperm cells increased to 78% - this is the norm. There is a number of indicators else, which suggest that as a result of taking Synthesit, the reproductive ability of the body is restored - this is a very important indicator.

In general, human health is such a complex that modern medicine has not completely studied it, and even the effect of our Synthesit on the human body, on the living organism is a completely new phenomenon, unknown in modern medicine, but it was known in ancient, in ancient medicine.

I was promised to get some pictures from ancient, medieval cemeteries of India, where are the obelisks of people who lived up to 300 years. There will be such an opportunity, I will show. There were such people in Jaipur in the Middle Ages. In order to live so many years, you had to use something.

In this case, historical evidence suggests that it was an element obtained by their method of cold nuclear fusion. How they did it in antiquity, we do not know, but there are indications that these are fresh elements.

Yes, they ask how many Synthesit capsules to drink - 1-2-3-4, in fact, the human need for 5-10 milligrams of iron per day, and we only have 0.8 milligrams and they have such a powerful biogenic effect , they trigger biochemical processes in the body. I believe that as a result of eating food in ordinary life, a person also receives these fresh elements - he receives 1000 times less, about a microgram. In our Synthesit, this element is 1000 times larger and therefore the processes begin to proceed faster. Moreover, we tried to use half a capsule - this also gives an effect.

One of our participants writes: "A woman, 50 years old, 62 kg, took half-capsule for 16 days. At first, she was positive. Features: after oncology, the course of chemotherapy ended a year ago. The condition in the beginning of treatment was weakened by chemistry, side effects, treatment, severe polyneuropathy of the arms and legs. The effect was noticed almost immediately - the next day. Improvement, stable mood, feeling like after yoga, reduction of appetite, joint flexibility, muscle strength, elastic warm skin became after taking Synthesit.

I was informed that after finish taking Synthesit all improvements were preserved.

I gave him only one jar, which he shared between his three relatives and they simultaneously analyzed.

"Coordination of movements, ease of breathing, sleep restored."

But, after finish taking it I understood that sleep did not maintain. Well, and "the rapid disappearance of bruises after injections, three times faster while taking Synthesit.

Woman 82 years, 90 kg - took 1/2 capsule 15 consecutive days. At first, she was quite skeptical. The effect was seen after three days. Definitely, she began to sleep better, stopped waking up at night, her sleep became deep, calm and full. When walking, a strong decrease in fatigue. "I used to walk a little over an hour, and during and after, it's easy for about two hours."

That is, the stamina and feeling of well-being increased, so it became possible to increase the duration of walking almost three to four times just after taking Synthesit.

I think that immunity is also increasing, although if you stop drinking Synthesit, then immunity may be weakening. But, it is only my opinion, I have been taking it for about three months, but intermittently. Just, there was a flu, before that I stopped taking it for a long time.

There is also our recipient, who writes: "This is an incredible discovery. I took the first capsule at four pm, then I started to tickle in the throat (he is a smoker, more than 20 years, the taste of nicotine in the mouth is constant from the throat), a little bit go out mucus, constantly began to drink water. " Water consumption is increasing. Synthesit dilutes the blood and therefore you need to drink more water.

There is more information on this subject. If there is an opportunity, I will read it again.

Now everything that concerns your questions, I will answer your questions and briefly cover the main topics I will touch upon.

Question: - How can I become a distributor?
Answer: - There are a lot of questions on this subject. Today's stream is for project participants, who took part, who invested. We still have a deficit. The question of distribution will be delayed by time, decision, mechanism, scheme - I ask to take it into account and understood.

Question: - Alla Bunina. How will dividends be accrued?
Answer: - In a month, maybe a little less. We have a special person request your data, he will do it. In the letter, in the newsletter, we will do all this. In fact, you can get these dividends by paying with tokens. Because the price of tokens which we accept is still several times higher than the price which we provided these tokens. Therefore, I believe that our tokens are provided with real commodity special content plus those who partially pay with tokens 50% will receive Synthesit out of turn.
The question - what are the privileges for project participants, investors? I think this is such a very serious privilege. In fact, they started ordering from us from abroad, although there are no advertisements abroad. Although we have an English version of the information, there was no advertising. Nevertheless, we have active respondents, those who correspond with us from abroad, paid, ordered ... the process is ongoing.
Once again, I want to emphasize that the shipment process begins within 30 to 90 days from the date of payment. There is a number of details that determine this period.

Question: - I paid with tokens, but now how to pay for my pre-order?
Answer: - If you made a pre-order, you received an offer, information about what you can pay for, order and wait for our product.
For those who participated and pre-ordered, we planned to give a week for payment, but we will extend it for another four days. Because not everyone received letters at the time, not everyone understood, not everyone was able to transfer tokens, not everyone was able to figure it out. Therefore, we will give a period until Monday, until the beginning of Tuesday. And then, on Tuesday, we will begin a more active campaign, perhaps we will even stop accepting orders, or reduce it. The deadline will be a little longer.

Question: - What about shipping to other countries?

Answer: - Yes, we will also have deliver to other countries. By "other countries" is meant Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, in general, all countries of the former Soviet Union, as well as practically all countries on the planet that have mail. Shipment, sending will be carried out through a company that works with airmail, so it will come quickly enough. But here we are already dependent on the work of special mail services.

Question: - Paul writes. Can Synthesit be acquired without waiting in line as an investor?
Answer: - You can, but pay not in tokens, but in rubles. While you can, because little information so far. We did not do advertising, when the advertisement goes, it will be difficult. How can we identify that you are our investor. Therefore, such an opportunity was given - with the help of tokens you can make a profit, and, secondly, get out of turn. To do something more, it will be to the detriment of other our investors.

Question: - Will it be possible to transfer dividends as payment for Synthesit?
Answer: - This is your right. You can do anything with them. In a month we will start this program, maybe a little more, a program for collecting addresses, where to collect all this and explain our dividend calculation mechanism.

Question: - Vasily asks. When will the tokens go to stock exchange?
Answer: - As soon as Synthesit shipments for these orders begin, we will prepare a token exchange system either at the exchange or in some kind of exchange system. Because they will be in demand as the public gets Synthesit ... I think that the public will get more and more acquainted with this absolutely phenomenal product, a mineral that has an incredible effect ..., I use it by myself and feel ... without it I feel like something is missing. And then we will already go to the stock exchange.
Here's a proposal - how to identify ... Again, I'll emphasize once again that the offer, for tokens, for their repurchases, for extraordinary sending, is the most correct, effective and fair.

So, the questions are about the same - exchange, payment without tokens ... Once again, I'll emphasize that while you are actually in a narrow circle and the narrow circle knows about the pre-sale, and the one who made the pre-order, they can pay in rubles ... And when the sales begin, it will already depend on how the person ordered. If you want faster, pay with tokens, this price is fair, we talked about it - 3 dollars per token and then you can get out of turn.

Question: - Is it possible to buy a product only by tokens?
Answer: - I believe that to pay 50% by tokens is very good offer. You see, if we start selling only for tokens, then confusion can happen: someone over fifty, someone only for tokens. In any case... if you want to receive money, you can take and exchange your tokens on the exchange stock in just a few weeks. If you want to buy our Synthesit out of turn - pay 50% by tokens and receive Synthesit. There are no difficulties here - exchange and get Synthesit, you can sell part and get money for it. The main thing is that the token now has the material content of a completely unique product.

Question: - Why don't you invite Dr Bulgin to the webinar to confirm all this information?
Answer: - Victor, you called to Dr Bulgin several times, and he confirmed everything to you, at the Research Institute of Primatology you called.
In fact, we were in Switzerland, in Geneva. We are associated with a huge number of people ... everything, in general, is understandable. There will be a publication in several scientific journals, a little later we will go to an international conference. You see, we are just starting the sale of this product, you are at the very beginning of this historical event. All the participants in this project are ..., we have not yet realized the importance of this event: what we have done. I expected, I understood the potential, I had my own point of view on this issue, so I believed that the biogenic effect of the elements obtained by cold synthesis is the most important and most promising, from a commercial point of view. And now we are moving in this direction and great interest among people and a very large mail with us. We do not always have time to answer during the day, although we have several people who answer. I want to find understanding here, and if no one answers you within a day or two days, it's not because we don't want to, or if we're up to it later, it's because we are really loaded with letters. In addition, we have the main work, we must produce all this.

Question: - Vadim asks. How much capsules do you take per day and how long do you take one jar.
Answer: - One capsule per day. One capsule per day is enough. Although it is possible up to 4 capsules and ½ capsulesю It's proven that ½ capsule works. The processes in the body are launched, the processes are completely phenomenal. Data on mice and data on the reproductive system, they say that it is absolutely fantastic mineral.

Question: - Will dividends be paid by tokens?
Answer: - No, dividends will be charged with cryptocurrency, as it should be. Upon request, we can convert cryptocurrency into fiat money and send it to the address you specified, well, and you will pay taxes yourself ...

Question: - Michael. How can I buy tokens?
Answer: - That's it, tokens are no longer sold, they are redeemed. The buyback price is three dollars. Perhaps their price will rise. We will ship our Synthesit without a queue for those ... well, a special queue for those who pay by tokens.

Again, the questions are about the same. I think the newsletter will continue, but not as often as before. For investors, for participants in the Synthestech project - once every two weeks, but everything is clear, we are already in the process of implementing the project. And everything will be done as we expected.

So I want to finish this stream.

Thanks a lot to all project participants and everyone who is interested in this project. Any way, this our joint activity gives a result.

All the best.

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