Micronutrients of the Cold synthesis - the main recipe for rejuvenation

Scientists from many countries have come to the conclusion that a person can live 140 years or more. It is for such a time that the minimum biological resource of human activity is designed. Life is not short, but how to maintain youth and vitality all this time is a big question.
The problems of continuing life and preserving youth are of interest to many people, both elderly and young. One of these methods was the widespread enthusiasm for the use of germinated seeds of cereal crops. The method is useful and attractive, so they began to engage in germination everywhere: in factories, on farms and at home, growing sprouts on the windowsill. Germinated seeds are used in their natural form, processed and added to food, applied to the skin, made compresses and so on.

Why are these seeds so demanded, and how do they differ from other methods of rejuvenation and prolongation of life? Scientists have long dealt with these issues. Already in the 19th century, the study of germinated seeds was carried out by Baron Albrecht von Goetzele, a native of Hanover.

After conducting many experiments, he proved that during the germination of seeds they undergo the processes of Cold nuclear fusion. As a result of this, the chemical composition changes and one element transforms into another. In particular, calcium is converted to potassium, phosphorus to magnesium.

Later in the 20th century, this statement was confirmed by Rudolf Hauschka, an Austrian scientist chemist, the founder of the pharmacological company WALA and several other scientists. Rudolf Hauschka described the results of his research in a scientific treatise: "The doctrine of substance. To the understanding of physics, chemistry and therapeutic effect of substances. "

Thus, when cereal grains germinate, transmutation (transformation) of chemical elements occurs. As a result, other active substances appear. Such changes and formations in the grains have a positive effect on health.
In fact, the percentage of these elements in the composition of the grains is very small. In order for a sufficient amount of useful minerals to get into the body, you need to use almost a kilogram of sprouted mass. During the natural process of Cold Synthesis, a very small number of elements are converted, calculated only on the activation of biogenic processes for plant growth.
The study found that mainly in the grains there is a transformation of light elements: phosphorus (F), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), potassium (K). But to give the human body freshness and vitality, other heavy substances are needed, such minerals as manganese (Mn), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo) and so on. But such microelements are formed in germinated grains in a microscopic amount, which is clearly not enough for a healing effect and even more so for prolonging a person's youth.

In addition, germinated grains have disadvantages. They contain harmful substances - gluten and lectin. The use of lectin in large quantities is toxic to humans, and gluten is processed in the body by an enzyme, the amount of which is limited. All this, when eating grains, can cause various disorders and affect the normal state of the human body.
To eliminate the influence of harmful substances, specialists have developed a special method for producing useful micronutrients using artificial cold nuclear fusion. This technology allows you to get a biogenic preparation that promotes the rejuvenation of the body and is produced in the form of "SYNTHESIT Iron" capsules. SYNTHESIT capsules contain the same substances as germinated grains, but at a much higher dosage and have unique properties:

+ contribute to the rapid restoration of the number of stem cells in the bone marrow;

+ in capsules there are no harmful substances gluten and lectin;

+ taking such drugs will allow for a long time to prolong youth and beauty, increase immunity, open new energy potentials of the body.
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