Health of the person taking SYNTHESIT™.
Video stream with V.Karabanov 12/10/2019
I welcome you at our video stream of the Synthestech channel . Today I have information about the results of the admission and effects of Synthesit on volunteers. These are people who were randomly selected and their data is objective. This is the next level of our work. I will answer your questions that have appeared recently, I will tell you why we turned off the chat in Telegrams, etc.

First of all I must remind once again and focus the attention of our project participants, investors, and those who follow this project, on what we have done. We have made the transformation of one chemical element into another chemical element and we managed to apply the results. In our case, it's iron. This is, of course, a huge breakthrough in the field of material physics, in the field of nuclear physics. Another question is how to apply it, how to use it. And we found a way to use this result. The method of use and the results of this use are turned to be very incredible and fantastic. Although I expected such an effect.

If you look at our white paper, you will see a section devoted to the biogenic action of elements obtained by cold fusion, that is, the transformation of one chemical element into another chemical element. Here I relied on historical data, on a number of data that I knew, I was very seriously engaged in it.

Now I want to show you the video sessions, with those volunteers who took the synthesit for a certain time, about a month (well, not a month, but 21 days, a little more) and with their health reports. Results of analyses are received, but I will tell about results of analyses a little later. Here is the first video.

My name is Olga Solovyova, I am 50 years old, I have been taking Synthesit for 18 days.

18 days! Olga, tell me, during these 18 days, what positive changes have you noticed, what is happening to you?

The first and more obvious that I have observed literally with the first days of Synthesit admission was a sense of some vivacity, forces in the evening. There was no deadly fatigue which I usually felt before in the evenings after a hard day's work. Well, it wasn't a splash of any kind. It's not like you could do a bunch of things. I can just safely do my household things and I don't want to relax immediately and to be a vegetable on the couch. It was a first positive effect, and it continues.

Another effect that I noticed when I woke up, is following: wow, I feel so fresh and I am ready for activities at once in the morning. Before I required some extra time to be completely awake. Up to half an hour, I was walking, watching, recovering. And today, I just noted I don't need it.

Another thing is such a gradual, daily observation... I always had reduced level of iron, low hemoglobin, and the last year and a half I was having big problems at nights with numbness of the hands. I woke up several times a night, up to 5-6 times, when I felt numbness in the hands; I rubbed them, turned over on the other side and fell asleep again. When did I feel something different? On the seventh day, on the eighth, I felt that numbness has become not so frequent. Gradually the number of those cases of numbness was reducing and the recovery process itself in hands after the numbness became faster. During the last five days, I'm afraid to admit it to myself, I wake up and realize that it did not happen, that it really did not happen, that everything is great, everything is good.

There are many other not so significant things. Well, when something hurts, we immediately feel bad. And when it doesn't hurt, we don't notice it, we're in a comfort zone. Before I suffered it too, when I went to bed, that there were some small joints, that disturbed me here and there, then some pain in the foot, then somewhere else, some minor things that prevent me from falling asleep...but recently I suddenly realized that it had disappeared. I can't even say when it happened exactly, but it just disappeared and I don't feel it any more. I fall asleep so easily now and I sleep very well. I wake up refreshed, active and it is really, yeah, it's great.

Okay, Olga. We will show this performance today, most likely, on the air. What would you like to wish those people who are watching you now? I. e. it will be in a few days, so to speak, a message to the future.

Do not be afraid to try and do not wait for the effect right now and today. This is not some miracle drug that will immediately cure all the ailments that you have, but it is a gradual positive effect on the body that it just improves the quality of life. And you do not understand it at once, but step by step you understand. I wish success to everybody!

Thank you very much!

You just listened to an interview, a video session with Olga, this is our volunteer from Moscow. She had blood tests before taking Synthesit. And now she has to pass (or has already passed) other tests. You heard her feelings, her assessment of her health. The next volunteer who participated in the testing is Eugenie from St. Petersburg. Now I will see the video recording with Evgeny, this video consists of two parts. Here it is.

Please tell us your name, how old you are and how many days you have been taking Synthesit.

My name is Eugenie, I am 47 years old, I have been taking Synthesit for 19 days already.

Well. Tell us about some main points that you noticed during the time of the Synthesit admission, about your health, mental condition?

To put it briefly, the first is the increase of physical activity, feeling more forces, the increase of energy, a lot of energy, the desire to do something. At the end of the day I am not tired, I am full of energy. Respectively as I have energy and forces I am in excellent mood, in high spirit.

Well, and some comments on health? In the last video stream Vladislav told us that you used ordinary Rimantadine when you were sick. This time you didn't use it. Maybe something else was noticed?

I noticed that when I use the subway (and there are a lot of infections, viruses, and so on there), it often happened that after a subway I felt some kind of malaise. So that was the case with Rimantadine which I described, it was only once. Nowadays many people are sick. My wife is a doctor and there are quite a lot of appeals to her, people get sick just after using the subway.

Okay, so everything is fine with you. What about your attention concentration?

Attention concentration ... More energy, clears head, calm. When I drive I analyze the picture clearly. Even in the evening, when I drive after work. Before in the morning I drove normally and in the evening my attention concentration usually is not very high. After I started taking Synthesit, I always drive calmly eating, I feel the 100% attention concentration, I analyses everything what is happening around. And some inadequate drivers do not irritate me too much now.

Well, that's great for a big city.

Very much!

I know that you are engaged in swimming. Tell me please what progress have you made in swimming?

I have increased my swimming time up to 20 minutes. Before I usually got tired after 30-35 minutes of swimming. Now my last measurement was 50-55 minutes. I was full of energy and I could be swimming about 20 minutes more, I had that feeling at least. But the time was limited, I had to leave.

Well. When are you planning to swim next time?

Tomorrow as planned.

Okay, today's Saturday, tomorrow's Sunday. Will you be able to swim the longest distance?

Yes, yes, tomorrow is a day off; I won't be limited in time. I'll swim until I stop.

Well, let's then call you later and find out how you passed your measurement.

Sure, call me later. But, in general, I would like to say that I think it is priceless, for any person, especially who is already not too young, to feel good, and to be less tired and in a good mood, to feel a surge of vitality, it is very important.

Wonderful! We wish you great success in tomorrow's sporting achievement, all the best, and thank you.

Thank you, all the best!


Good afternoon, Evgenie Anatolyevich!

Good afternoon, Alexander!

Did you swim last Sunday like you wanted to?

Yes, yesterday I was swimming, all as planned.

Well, tell us, please, what are your results?

I fixed the results. 67 minutes!

67 minutes! In past times you were swimming for 35 minutes.

Well, no, it was before the Synthesit admission that I was swimming for 35 minutes, then more and more each time. And this is the last result I fixed.

Well. That is, almost twice as much, right?

Yes it seems. Well, fatigue is not too strong also. I could be swimming even longer!

Good! Thank you for your comment, we wish you further success.

Thank you, I will observe the changes, all the best, and goodbye.

Good bye!

You have listened to a video interview, a video session, with our volunteer. Alexander, my assistant, conducted the interview. And, you see that, objectively, people have very serious changes in health condition. We already have the first blood tests received from the other first volunteer, these are very good results. A number of indicators in the blood have stabilized. And we can say that Synthesit affects the human condition and the organs of hematopoiesis very seriously and actively. People ask questions: when will you do an analysis of the human bone marrow in order to analyze the changes in it?

Here I want to say that the bone marrow analysis is done in mice. Both mice and humans have the same hematopoietic system. That is, if mice have grown stem cells, so the same with humans. It was important for us to understand, first of all, the effect of Synthesit on the overall health condition of a person, to improve overall health condition, to give comfort, feeling of comfort, energy, surge of strength. All this indicates that Synthesit changes the human system in the first place, I guess the hematopoietic system. But I think it affects all human organs. As a result, our volunteers feel extra energy. For example, Eugene's results are twice better than they were before.

We were once again convinced of the work of the Synthesit. I have my own feelings, I have told my own feelings before. But we needed independent information. I think, I hope, we gave it to you.

I must emphasize what Synthesit really is. Synthesit is a new word in the field of human health. We think how and under what slogan to promote it in this case.

I think it's a cure for old age, because stem cells are a mechanism that can increase a person's life. And in the field of bone marrow, we will cooperate with the same research Institute of Primatology or, perhaps, with some other structures and we will conduct bone marrow tests already on monkeys. Although, in general, the data on mice suggest that there is a real cure for old age. It means we have done it!

Now I will answer a few questions. First of all, what else did I want to say…

Yes, show also please more results, another result with our volunteer.

This is the picture Synthesit admission, as a result of complications with the gallbladder, there was a problem with a rash on the forearm. Now, after 21 days of admission (plus or minus, the exact number of days I do not know), you can see — this is the result. We see a real change in the picture. Literally just over two weeks, not 21 days, I'm told. This is another indicator, the factor that Synthesit has a powerful impact on the human body, on all organs, but first of all, I believe it involves the hematopoietic system.

Now people ask questions about how the construction is going on.

We receive a lot of letters with the request to send Synthesit for testing, just sell. We can't do that yet, because we only have a laboratory quantity, literally a few packages that we use for testing. Of course, we also have certain difficulties here, because we do not even have enough volumes of this Synthesit , we have literally dozens of packages. But, nevertheless, we are very actively preparing our production module. Show me what condition it was in about three weeks ago. Here it is the condition of our module several weeks ago. And now, now show me what we have now. There are photos of yesterday's construction and the work is going fast enough, the rains slowed down a bit. But nevertheless, I think that by the end of this year, i.e. until the end of December, I think we will build the module. There are already visible sandwich panels, which will be sheathed our module. And we will start the production from the New Year and we will produce the raw materials on an industrial scale.

Now I want to answer your questions.

Questions: when will drug be tested on cancer patients?

This is not a drug, I want to emphasize once again, and there is such a mistake. It's a mineral, iron. Iron, which is obtained as a result of cold fusion, transformation from other elements. It's not a drug. I want you to pay attention to this.

Moreover we do not take such responsibility – to use it for testing on cancer patients. We do not have the appropriate qualifications; we do not have the appropriate admissions. And so we will only be engaged in the production of this mineral, we will investigate the effect of this mineral on the hematopoietic system within the competence that we feel we have. But the rest of the details, unfortunately, are beyond our competence. But in the future, I think, the official medicine will take an active part in this. We hope so, anyway. I hope.

I will repeat once again: judging by the data that are available, this is a real breakthrough in the field of such substances, so to speak, chemical elements that stimulate, have such a biogenic effect, trigger the processes of human rejuvenation as stem cells are the rejuvenation of a person.

Question: what will be the approximate level of sales?

I have said many times and I will stress once again what our production and marketing plan is: the first month, in March, from 20 to 30 thousand packages will be produced. 50 thousand should be produced next month. Then, in a month, 100 thousand will be made and so we will keep producing, trying to expand ever time.

Questions about how profits will accrue.

I think profits will accrue at the end of the month of March, hopefully. How will this be done? When the raw materials for packaging are sent to Switzerland, we will ask you for data so that you can tell us where and what to transfer. And at the end of the month we will collect this data; our specialist will deal with transfers.

There are questions about Ukraine. Will it be sent to Ukraine? Robert writes: "I want to make a pre-order, but I live in Ukraine."

We will send our products both from Russia and from Switzerland. Therefore, either from Russia or from Switzerland you will receive it. There are no problems with this.

Vladislav asks: "You said in the past that a scientific paper is being written on the results of increasing the number of stem cells in mice. Tell me, when approximately it will be published, and who writes it?"

We prepare this article together with the staff of the laboratories of the Institute of Primatology that perform analysis of mouse tissues. It will be released, most likely in February.

Here I have prepared questions, but there are now some current questions. Again, a question about a benign tumor. We don't know. Irina asks how it will work. I don't know, I'm afraid to make any recommendations. We offer and will offer to the public a biologically active Supplement that improves the human hematopoietic system and replenish the iron stores. We do not know a lot of things, most likely, the effect of this Synthesit will be studied for many years, perhaps. This is so new, innovative product; its effect is not completely understandable... We just see the results of its effect. We see that the blood changes. Stem cells in mice increase significantly. But how? The mechanism of this is still unknown to us. The energy of people who receive this Synthesit increases. Before that, we saw in mice that the strength, energy of mice increases by 30-40%. It is a powerful, huge, positive effect. And the details should be studied by somebody else. We will produce and sell. This is a separate topic.

Perhaps a whole branch of medicine will be created in order to study all this, so powerful and unusual is this effect. So you must understand that we have created a mineral, a biologically active supplement that should increase the life expectancy of a person, while maintaining the quality of life.

Robert: "what about the expiration date that will be on the package?"

Two years. On the package will be written two years. But this is indicated approximately, based on the expiration date of the filler. The filler in the capsule has expiration date restrictions. And how long this iron, a mineral obtained in this way, works, we do not know.

Alexey: "how much is the operation of the cold fusion plant harmful to service personnel and the environment?"

It is not harmful at all. On the contrary, there is evidence that the work with the installation of cold fusion has a positive effect on the human body, and not only human —on the body of experimental animals.

Victor: "where we can find the result of the blood tests?"

This is private information; we need to consult with the doctors. And we will continue to prepare relevant material on this topic. Again, we still have to process all these results; this is only the first result. We can see from this result that the quality of the indicators that reflect some qualitative condition of the blood... It has become more balanced. But to understand and interpret any changes we need a specialist. I think we'll do it soon.

A question about the exchange.

I already said about the exchange that the exchange will be after we release the product. In any case, it will either go to Russia, or it will be produced and packaged here. The product will be protected from counterfeits. We are serious about this.

Question about chat in Telegram.

We closed this chat. People ask questions: "why did you close the chat in the Telegram?" There were not so many active users, but there was some discussion, and the discussion slipped into some minor, third-rate topics. Sometimes there were some trolls; sometimes people asked too naive questions. Sometimes questions were asked in order to reduce the importance of what we have created.

This work with Telegrams took us a lot of time. We now have a lot of work — we need to build our production module in a short time. What we do, we do several times faster than anyone else. So we appreciated it all, I do, first of all... There were opponents in our team who thought we should keep the chat. But I analyzed it, estimated and made the decision that this chat is not necessary, it harms our project. Because people who are there discussing some minor, third-rate and unimportant issues, they lead away from the most important thing— from what we have achieved, what results we have achieved. The project has come to life in the first place. We are entering industrial production.

People ask when we will stop selling tokens.

I think that before the start of production, we will stop selling tokens, after it we will not need it, no token sale. Everything will be transferred to self-financing, self-sufficiency.

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