Active longevity and life extension has become accessible
Thanks to advances in medicine and more people opting for a healthy lifestyle, the population of Russia and the world is aging. There is so-called demographic ageing - an increase in the number of elderly people in society. Recent changes in pension legislation - raising the retirement age - make you wonder: is it realistic to live longer while maintaining good health, workability, activity and beauty?

The answer, seemingly, on the surface: it is necessary to eat well and properly, to refrain from smoking and alcohol, to engage in sports, to undergo regular medical examinations. Practice shows that this is not enough. There are enough examples known when the HRA did not save from the development of severe ailments. For example, in recent decades cancer has caught up at any age, regardless of lifestyle.

There are reverse situations: people indifferent to sports and proper nutrition, drinking alcohol, live to the venerable age. Among the planet 's famous long-term residents is John Rockefeller, who did not live only three years before the centenary. What is the secret to longevity?
Value of minerals
Recently scientists realized the importance of trace elements in the human body. The body gets them from food, drinks and air. Their balance ensures the health of all organ systems, good health and mood, physical activity.

The basic trace elements needed by humans can be found in the periodic system. Biogenic - constantly present in the body - include oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, calcium. Trace elements necessary for life activity - bromine, iron, manganese, chromium, zinc, etc.

Sometimes one or more elements are deficient in the body. Their lack contributes to the work of the bodies. Immunity is weakening, cognitive abilities are deteriorating, weakness and chronic diseases are emerging. The body wears out, ages faster and dies.

The shortage of trace elements can and should be filled. Therefore, the industry of BADS - biologically active additives - is flourishing. Marketers are not tired of assuring that by taking miracle pills, a person will provide himself with healthy, active longevity and beautiful well-being. Don 't count how many people fell victim to their fraud, spending money and sometimes putting health at stake.
Search of an elixir of youth
Since ancient times, people have been looking for ways to prolong life and gain immortality. Simple logic suggests that death is caused by the wear of a body unable to resist negative effects anymore. So, scientists of antiquity thought the secret is not in age. Although this approach seems naive to skeptics, historical facts and modern research confirm that the wise men of the past centuries were not far from the truth.

There are references in the Old Testament that the Patriarchal have lived for centuries. Similar information is available in Chinese texts: for example, sage Pan Tzu lived to the age of 834. In China, the teaching of Daoism is common: according to its philosophical postulates, man must improve both spirit and body, thus gaining longevity. However, the facts known to the West are not complete enough: some secret or technique seems to be silent.

Another example of searching for an elixir of youth is known for medieval physician and alchemist Paracels. He became famous for trying to create a philosopher 's stone - a substance that turns any metal into gold and gives eternal life. Historical chronicles confirm: the drink he created aurum potabile (in the pen with lat. "drinking gold") really healed people, which is recorded in official state documents. He prepared drinking by transmutation - conversion of some elements to others.
Stem cells
Although scientists have realized the importance of trace elements, it is necessary to know: not all of them are useful. Some do not affect the body at all, and others have toxic effects and seriously harm health. Unfortunately, BAD producers often do not rely on scientific research. The effectiveness of the drugs they promote has not been proven.

One of the few companies that proved the success of its product is Synthesteh. The preparation "Synthesit Iron" produced by Synthesteh is synthesized in low-energy nuclear reactions and affects the growth of stem cell number. This is what immature cells capable of self-renewal are called. The more they are, the better the body is able to regenerate, which is especially relevant with age. Cold synthesis techniques, both Chinese wise men and Paracelsus were used.

This stable iron have a huge biogenic effect. It stimulates the growth of hematopoietic stem cells. This is what the "precursors" of blood cells that trigger their formation are called. They're kept in red bone marrow.

"Synthesit Iron" uses "living" elements. They carry fresh energy to the body, saturate it, help recover, slow aging and wilting. Related to this is the effectiveness of the product exposure.

Experiments were conducted in mice and humans. Mice that received Synthesit quickly became more active and resilient than animals in the control group. Experiments on people confirmed the result: in just 10 days of taking the drug, the subjects became stronger and more resilient. Reduced blood viscosity and accelerated wound healing were also noted. Other changes were seen, among other things. Hair loss and the development of varicose veins are stopped, pressure is stabilized, and joints and ligaments heal much faster and stop disturbing.

The company "Synthestech" is an open institution. All developments are carried out under strict control. Performance data were presented at the Geneva conference. The drug has no side effects - there are no contraindications to reception. Although pregnant women and people with chronic diseases should consult with a doctor.

It is worth understanding: eternal youth and immortality are unattainable, at least for now. But beautiful ageing, good well-being, preservation of mental abilities, attractive appearance, despite age, is already reality.
Demographic ageing is a problem of modernity. Fortunately, the development of scientists in the field of "living" trace elements is keeping pace with the times. Stem cells are the key to extending a life not marred by physical infirmity and weakness.
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