Acceleration of tissue regeneration. Synthesit™ and the benefits of stem cell enlargement
Synthesit is a new high-tech healing mineral obtained as a result of cold nuclear fusion and with the ability to increase the number of stem cells more than twice.
With the accumulation of feedback from people who have received courses of an innovative product that has no analogues in the world, it becomes clear that many of the properties of this dietary supplement are not yet fully disclosed.
New facts about the action of Synthesit on the human body
Considering new facts of the the active substance Synthesit biogenic effect - iron citrate, we can conclude that this remedy has a positive effect on the body after chemotherapy. The toxic effects consequence of cytostatics was the defeat of the peripheral nerve fibers of the extremities - polyneuropathy.

After daily receiving of Synthesit in half a capsule for 16 days, the woman who participated in the test felt relief almost immediately: the pain syndrome decreased, swelling of the arms and legs, burning sensations and numbness gradually disappeared. The skin became warm, the joints were flexible, and the muscles were elastic - and all this against the background of good health and a positive mood. After the end of the course, positive dynamics remain.

The following striking example is the effect of Synthesit on the male reproductive system. Comparison of two spermogram results: initial - before taking Synthesit, repeated - after, showed that many indicators have seriously improved to normal values. So, sperm viability increased from 58 to 78%, germinal cell motility increased from 10 to 14, 47, and the number of immobile sperm decreased from 90 to 85.

In addition to the positive systemic effect of Synthesit on the body, test participants note the beneficial effect of the remedy at the local level: the rapid healing of cuts, wounds, burns, resorption of bruises and bruises. This indicates the stimulation under the influence of Synthesit of local immunity: phagocytes, white blood cells, macrophages. As a result, immunity quickly and greatly increases.
Synthesit - an activator of cell regeneration
The human body is multicellular and its cells are constantly need of renewal. But with age, dividing cells degrade. The parent cell transmits defective DNA with fragments of old proteins to the daughter cell. Subsequent divisions lead to the gradual accumulation of errors and mutations. Our body has a repair mechanism - these are stem cells. But the older our body, the less stem cells remain in it, and the "repair" mechanism does poor work, damage and defects in cell division become apparent.

Aging is the process of accumulating errors in the reproduction of new cells and the lack of stem cells, and the external manifestations of aging are decrepitude and disease.

Attempts to rejuvenate the body with embryonic stem cells extracted from cord blood have been made before. Much of the action mechanism of cell therapy is still unclear, but most importantly, there is no 100% guarantee of safety. It should be borne in mind that transplantation cells - cells with a alien set of chromosomes, and how the body behaves in response to their introduction - is unknown. When transplanting bone marrow or stem cells, the likelihood of developing autoimmune and oncological processes is not excluded.

A completely difference is with Synthesit. No alien cells, no alien DNA - the process of stem cell activation occurs naturally due to the body's own reserves.

With the invention of Synthesit, there is a real opportunity to slow down the aging conveyor.

The main mechanism of the Synthesit influence on the body is the activation and increase in the number of endogenous (own) stem cells, the launch of the regeneration of pathologically changed tissues and cells of the body. Stem cells are able to differentiate into any cellular types, restoring the functions of many vital organs, including hematopoietic. Stem cells recognize the area of damage and move there. This ensures the possibility of tissue renewal at the cellular level, healing and rejuvenation.
The effect of Synthesit on hematopoiesis (hematopoiesis)
Physiological blood regeneration occurs constantly - this is a process that compensates for the destruction of the formed elements: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets.

The researches conducted in the Russian Federal Research Institute of Medical Primatology in experiments revealed an increase in the number of stem cells - hematopoietic precursors in mice received Synthesit. A several-fold increase in the number of cellular elements of all sprouts of hematopoiesis and stem cells was observed in the experimental group compared to the control group. A comparative analysis of myelograms obtained from punctured red bone marrow of mice was performed. It is proved that the active component of Synthesit - iron citrate increases the activity of proliferative processes of cell populations in all sprouts of hematopoiesis of the red bone marrow, and the number of stem cells increases in 2.45 times.

Bone marrow is an organ that is not only for blood-forming, but also for the immune system and immunity. The hematopoietic function of the bone marrow is the production of blood cells: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets. And the cells of the red bone marrow responsible for immunity produce lymphocytes and macrophages. Thus, the improvement of red bone marrow function under the influence of Synthesit, leads to the activation of not only hematopoietic activity, but also to increase immunity.
The healing properties of Synthesit
The potential of Synthesit will undoubtedly be in demand in various branches of medicine, especially where it is necessary to enhance the regeneration of cells and tissues and quickly increase immunity: recovery after surgical interventions, in the treatment of burns, injuries, scars, after courses of chemo and radiation therapy, in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology to fight with the age-related skin changes.
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