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Modern man more and more often becomes a hostage of civilization, moving away from the nature further and further. Human as a biological specie is a part of nature. He consists of the same elements as its surrounding nature. It is proved that the current biochemical processes in the body are the memory of the organic life on the Earth development - from amoeba to humans. But for the coordinated work of all reactions and processes in the body, external energy is needed. This is what "fresh" biogenic elements give. Until recently, the existence of such "living" elements was known only by centennial people's evidence.
Description of the bio-effective supplement "Synthesit Iron"
Synthesit is a revolutionary product in the field of biotechnology, which allows to increase the internal potential of the body at the cellular level. Biogenic iron, which is the part of Synthesit, has the ability to influence the biochemical reactions that take place in the body, enhances hematopoiesis, increases the content of stem cells (increases hematopoiesis), and activates the processes of organs and tissues regeneration.
Blood formation processes
ormed blood elements: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets have a certain life cycle, after which they are getting old and destroyed. Their synthesis is carried out in the red bone marrow from progenitor cells - stem cells. The cellular composition of the bone marrow is heterogeneous: there are blood cells at different stages of development: myeloblasts, myelocytes, pronormocytes and others. The more supply of stem cells, the more actively the blood cells mature. And if it is necessary, they quickly enter the peripheral blood in order to fulfill their main function - to deliver nutrition and oxygen to each cell of the body, cope with the disease or restore organs and tissues.
Experiment Results
There is a well-established system for testing the effectiveness and safety of new medicines before they will be available for widespread use. Preclinical (experimental) tests are carried out on laboratory animals to exclude the possibility of toxic effects on the body and confirm effectiveness. Despite the fact that Synthesit is not a medicine, Synthestech conducted such researches, and the results were really phenomenal.

Experimental researches on Synthesit were performed on the basis of the Federal Research Institute of Primatology in Sochi. Mice were selected as laboratory animals. The purpose of the research is to determine the effectiveness and safety of long-term taking of the Synthesit Iron dietary supplement.

Comparative indicators of myelogram (growing blood cells) of the bone marrow were studied. According to the results of the research, while taking iron citrate, an increase in the cells activity of all formed blood elements and a phenomenal increase in the number of stem cells were found.

Thus, the level of lymphocytes from 16.8 in the control group of mice (not receiving the medicine) increased in the experimental group to 22.0, that is, by 76%. And erythroblasts - the precursors of red blood cells - have grown respectively from 0.5 to 1.9 - by 260%.

From the evolution point of view, not only primates, but also rodents, are relatives of man. And all the differences between rats, mice and humans provide only 10% of the genes, because the remaining 90% are identical.

Both humans and mice belong to the class of mammals, and many processes proceed in the same way. That's why the laboratory mice are among the most widely used animals for biological experiments.
Scientists based on the data obtained have concluded:
1. Comparison of the cellular composition in the control and experimental groups showed that prolonged taking of Synthesit not only enhances the production of blood cells, but also enhances the regenerative properties of bone marrow as a result of an increase in the number of stem cells.

2. Iron citrate in the composition of Synthesit does not even have a toxic (destructive) effect on the tissues and organs of mice even with prolonged use.
The role of trace elements in the human body
Trace elements are mineral substances that are determined in the body in hundredths or even in millionths of a percent. However, so far their influence on the processes in the body is not fully understood, and much remains a mystery. Science often simply confirms the fact of vital necessity for an organism of one or another microelement, which became known literally at the end of the last century. Doctors, prescribing a diet rich in iron for patients with anemia, do not know how completely it is utilized by the body, what percentage of the mineral will simply leave the body in a natural way, and what percentage will cause side effects.
The nature of the action of "fresh" elements Synthesit
Even ancient healers noted a powerful healing effect on the body of the newly formed, the so-called "fresh" or "living" elements. Taoist scholars, many of whom were long-livers and lived more than 150 years, actively received and used elements obtained by cold fusion.

The developers of the Synthesit product, relying on ancient information, developed and applied their own method of cold nuclear fusion. Long researches and experiments in this area have helped to overcome the difficulties of obtaining transmuted chemical elements, in particular biogenic iron.
The influence of Synthesit on the organism
Synthesit, filling in the body the deficiency of "live" fresh trace elements, not only improves blood formation in the bone marrow, but also activates its own stem cells in the red bone marrow, which serve as a source of life and renewal of the body.

With the increase in the number of people taking Synthesit, the flow of information about its positive effect on the whole body is expanding: cleansing the body of toxins, raising immunity, restoring health, and a surge of energy.
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