The best way to thin your blood
What do we know about blood structure? When was the last time you wondered that everything is normal with its quality in your body? Responsible people who care about their health and know about the prevention of cardiovascular diseases undergo an annual medical check-up and got tested. But there are only a few people who are interested in condition of their blood. But the health of the whole body depends on this.

Let's imagine that blood is the "river of life" in our body. It supplies oxygen, hormones, minerals and other useful substances to the internal organs and tissues. The body works as a clock if the river flow moves quickly in the internal space!

But as soon as it slows down, the usual cycle of life support is disrupted. Thick blood is poor in oxygen, but rich in cholesterol and sugars. So it practically becomes more of an adversary than a helper to the body.

Consequences of blood thickness disorders:

  • Weakness, feeling "broken", chronic fatigue;

  • Sleep disorder, decreased appetite

  • Migraine, blood pressure problems;

  • Depression

How to get out of the situation? It is necessary to thin the blood in a simple, safe and effective way.

But first things first.
Methods of blood thinning
Blood thinning products are a kind of prevention of heart attack /stroke /blood clots at any age.

Statistics are a stubborn thing: an increasing number of cases with the formation of blood clots that can stop blood flow in a brain vessel or a coronary artery. The blood clot is formed asymptomatically, the person does not even have time to feel the danger. The risk of heart attacks and strokes increases significantly in young and older age.

Medicinal methods for reducing blood viscosity only temporarily stop the problem. The popular procedure of cascade plasmapheresis, which cleanses the plasma from large fat cells and protein molecules, just at first sight looks like a salvation from serious health problems. However, along with the 'unnecessary' components, vital immune antibodies are also removed, and the person becomes completely disarmed in front of possible infections.

Moreover, the cost of the procedure is not affordable for everyone.

At best, people get chronic heart disease and are forced to take pharmaceutical medications all their life to thin the blood; at worst, they die from a blood vessel clot. The recommendations of doctors in this case consist of adjusting the diet. In particular:

  • Use clean drinking water regularly;

  • Exclude fat meat, sausage products from a diet

  • Use less blood-thickening products: bananas, walnuts, pomegranates;

  • Get rid of bad habits: smoking and alcohol.

There are a lot of additional terms and conditions, whether you are taking hormonal medications, contraceptives or medicinal herbal infusions. Side effects are things that you should really be afraid of when you form a scheme for taking pharmaceutical drugs. Even the harm of aspirin intake on a regular basis has already been proven.

So where can we find the best blood thinning product?
SYNTHESIT under the microscope
Do you know what kind of information is especially valuable for SYNTHESIT creators? Constantly updated about its properties that helps the body to self-heal. Sometimes we wonder how many-sided are the properties and life-giving power of a product based on the bio-efficient iron.

Originally, it was created as a product to prolong life and rejuvenate the body. But then one popular blogger, a brave and a keen person, volunteered to test the effect of SYNTHESIT. He decided to experiment with his own blood and started taking the product that we sent to him.

The results were very interesting and representative:

  • Day 1: our character took one capsule of SYNTHESIT and an hour later examined his blood under a microscope comparing it with the result obtained before taking the product. There was a slight shortening of the chains and the division of red blood cells into separate instances. Blood flow activity improved.
  • Day 2: a strong dose of 4 capsules was phenomenal! United in dense clumps of red blood cells within an hour ran in a friendly stream, ready to perform their direct duties.
This single action is a very good example for those who have not yet decided to acquire Synthesit to maintain the quality of blood in the right condition.
SYNTHESIT for oxygen deprivation in the body
How long can an ordinary person live without oxygen? A minute or two? And how long can the internal organs last?

Many observed the sufferings of "asthmatics" who were suffocating from the lack of air. Unfortunately, we can not visually determine how difficult it is for internal organs and tissues without nutrition. They all signalize us the problems in the body with headaches, dizziness and other symptoms, as if they are shouting: "Help! We don't feel well!"

And a small jar of SYNTHESIT can help to solve the problem, getting rid the body of working in an emergency mode. There are no analogues to date. And there are no side effects – the product simply has no substances and components that provoke them.

Trust the blood quality control to SYNTHESIT – it is better to try once than to miss the chance to live a long life without diseases.
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