The delivery of SYNTHESIT™ has started
The first SYNTHESIT packages have already been received by customers. As we promised, the shipment of the mineral increased stem cell began in March
The biogenic effect of SYNTHESIT on the body is confirmed by its first consumers.

New amazing properties are opening with each new consumer of the mineral. At the moment, they have already identified a significant number of favorable changes. Among them:
+weight loss,
+blood thinning,
+restoration of the liver and pancreatic function,
+reduction of uric acid level (prevention and treatment of gout),
+increase in the number of viable and motile sperm,
+stopping hair loss, and other important areas of the body's health.
What is important, during a possible epidemic of coronavirus - a significant increase in immunity and body resistance.

Each SYNTHESIT package has multi-level protection against falsification, including a branded hologram and an individual number. You can find out more about the protection of SYNTHESIT on our website

P.S. Please note that in the coming weeks, upward price correction is planned.
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