Coronavirus infection has a mild form case in people taking Synthesit™
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Coronavirus infection (COVID-19) has a mild form case in people taking Synthesit. Along with the growing number of coronavirus cases, the number of responses from Synthesit consumers who have successfully made a recovery from this disease increases daily. One of the first who told us that Synthesit helps with coronavirus was Eugene. He states that he has made a quick recovery with Synthesit intake and he agreed to give us an interview, which we posted on our channel
Valery is a 69-year-old man, wrote to us by email: "My wife and I had a mild illness compared to others." As is well known, older people have been hit the hardest by coronavirus disease. With age, the risk of fatal outcome of coronavirus is significantly increased. Here is the full message from Valery emailed us at
Everyday we receive similar emails and responses. To date, many people have been able make a recovery from the coronavirus disease with the help of Synthesit without complications. Synthesit is actually able to help the body with coronavirus symptoms and treat mild form of the disease.

It is important to understand that Synthesit is not a medicine. This is a particularly valuable iron obtained in a complex and time-consuming process. It provides strength to the body to restore its basic functions, provides energy. The body is rejuvenating.
Why does Synthesit help the body recover from coronavirus easily and without complications?
Blood thinning effect:
Numerous studies around the world have shown that thick blood and increased blood clot formation significantly increase the risk of mortality from the coronavirus disease. (source of information)
Synthesit thins the blood. This is confirmed by numerous analyses of people taking Synthesit. In addition, there is a video on our channel in which the blogger has studied the effect of Synthesit on blood thinning under a microscope.

Increased level of oxygen saturation in blood:
If the level of oxygen in blood (SpO2) is below 90%, the risk of hypoxemia — a lack of oxygen in blood is high. This condition is typical for patients with coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Synthesit can significantly increase the level of blood oxygen saturation in 15 minutes after taking the capsule. This is a reliable result that is easy to check with any pulse oximeter.
Reduced risk of "cytokine storm":
An uncontrolled and excessive release of immune molecules that triggers body organs shutdown, in addition to the 'cytokine storm' term it's also known as a hypercytokinemia and a cytokine cascade. In vitro experiments have shown that Synthesit has a suppressive effect on inflammatory processes. The anti-inflammatory effect of Synthesit suppresses cytokines and significantly reduces the risk of death from a cytokine storm.

Increased number of stem cells:
Due to the restoration of hematopoietic system function, there is a good reserve for generating new cells of the immune system, blood, organs and tissues. Cells manage to renew and recover, ensuring the performance and regeneration of the body.
All these factors make it much easier, and sometimes almost asymptomatic, to make a recovery from any viral disease, comprehensively restore human health, and activate the basic functions of the body. Not being a medicine or a stimulant, it provides the body strength and energy to solve numerous health issues.

As a result, people who take the bioactive mineral Synthesit get rid of a runny nose, restore their immunity, have better sleep, gain increased potency, and stop losing hair. Numerous beneficial effects are experienced during the first course of Synthesit intake and become more noticeable over time.

Synthesit is a powerful help to the body which is once received makes it independently solve the problem of preventing viral and infectious diseases, boosting recovery in treatment for coronavirus and other diseases.
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