B vitamins increases the effectiveness of SYNTHESIT™.
Important information.
We have received important information. The biogenic mineral SYNTHESIT can function more effectively with the additional usage of B group vitamins (B1, B6, B12). These vitamins are the important condition for the biochemical processes, which SYNTHESIT involves, to work at its full capacity

We received this information owing to feedback and reviews from our customers. One of them, as he reports, managed to change the tide of the fight against stomach cancer at stage 4. The tumor, according to his information, has decreased by 3 times. SYNTHESIT and B group vitamins were taken.

(We will tell you more about this case in our special issue. This content will be posted on our website as well).

However, we remind you that SYNTHESIT is not a medicine. It is in no way intended to replace medicines or consult professional specialists.

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