Anti-tumor efficacy of Synthesit™ is proven.
In vitro studies in the laboratory of experimental oncology
Synthesit is able to suppress cancer progression in the body at the cellular level.

In the last week of September 2020, we found scientific evidence regarding previously obtained facts about Synthesit help for oncological diseases, the number of which is constantly growing. Earlier, we published the analysis results of an elderly man who managed to suppress stage IV stomach cancer with the help of Synthesit. And this is just one of the examples.

Below is a report on the research and a video conversation with the inventor of Synthesit, Vladislav Karabanov, and Marina Dukhinova, who conducted this research study.
The study on inhibition of cancer cells by Synthesit was performed by Dr. Marina Dukhinova.

A number of experiments have been carried out with the use of Synthesit. The purpose of this research was to study the effect of Synthesit on normal and tumor groups of human cells: groups of lung adenocarcinoma cells (cancer) and intestinal carcinoma (cancer).

It was established that:

1. Tumor cells are very sensitive to Synthesit and are suppressed by its action.
2. The survival rate of tumor cells was 12% and 16%.
3. Normal cells tolerate well the action of maximum concentrations of Synthesit.

This means that Synthesit has a powerful potential to be used in the development of a drug for tumor prevention.

Also the experiments studying the anti-inflammatory effect of Synthesit have been conducted. It was found that Synthesit reduces cytokine production and has anti-inflammatory potential. It is a known fact that the production of excessive amount of cytokines accompanies the Covid-19 disease. This excessive release of cytokines is a factor that complicates the course of Covid-19 infection.
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Thus, Synthesit is a breakthrough product in the field of human health. It allows to help the human body both in the prevention and control of diseases, and to help in the renewal of the body. At the same time, Synthesit is not a medicine, but remains a biologically active supplement – a mineral that has no contraindications and is safe for health.

Despite the fact that Synthesit has demonstrated greatly its importance in suppressing cancer cells, we assume that self-treatment in such situations is not acceptable without the medical support of trusted doctors. Statements concerning the unambiguous benefits of live elements are not allowed without appropriate clinical studies.

We are ready to cooperate with medical and other organizations working in this domain.
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