Facts about help of Synthesit for allergy
The number of patients suffering from allergic diseases is steadily growing in the world. According to statistics, 10-25% of the population in Russia is allergic. Scientists believe that the reasons for such a wide spread of allergies are rapidly deteriorating ecology, widespread use of chemicals in everyday life (washing powders, detergents), presence of dyes and preservatives in food products and uncontrolled use of medicines.
What is Allergy?
Each person has a special system involved in the formation of immunity - the immune system. One of the functions of the immune system is to protect the body from foreign substances.

Allergy is a pathological process that develops in response to the effects of various stimuli - substances that the body perceives as allergens, with an oversensitive immune system. Moreover, these allergens can be common substances that surround a person: food, dust, pet hair, flowering plants, household chemicals, cosmetics. The reasons for such inadequate reactions of the body encountering with foreign substances have not yet been clarified. Only one thing is clear - this is a complex disease that modern medicine could not treat until recently.

Allergic reactions vary from mild skin rashes to severe suffocation attacks and possible death as a result of Quincke's edema.
Types of allergies
Food allergies are usually manifested from childhood. Food allergies are based on intolerance to a particular product. Symptoms are manifested both from the gastrointestinal tract (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating) and from the skin: redness and swelling of the skin, urticaria (hives). Some more severe manifestations of food allergies that are hereditary include atopic dermatitis, eczema and bronchial asthma.

Allergic reaction to bites and stings by mosquitoes, midges, wasps, bees, ants is a pathological immune reaction to the venom released by insects.

Pollen Allergy occurs during the flowering period of various plants (trees, herbs, flowers) and is seasonal.

The clinical manifestation of pollen allergy is the appearance of pollinosis or as it is also called "hay fever". Typical symptoms include: itching in the nose, throat, ears; sneezing, copious discharge of mucus from the nose, lacrimation and redness of eyes; may be followed with dry paroxysmal cough or fever.
Synthesit consumers' video reviews analysis
Allergic reactions to mosquito bites in a child. Last summer, the eldest son Andrey had an inflammatory reaction in the form of large blisters on the skin in places where he was bitten by mosquitoes. Because of the severe itching, the child was scratching his skin until it bled. To reduce symptoms, the antihistamine Suprastin was used, and the damaged areas were smeared with Fenistil gel.

This year, before the start of summer season, the child has been taking Synthesit and, despite the abundance of mosquitoes, the skin remains clean, without signs of inflammation and blisters. In addition, the effective action of Synthesit on the rapid recovery of the boy's skin after sunburn was noted.
From Pavel's disease story: he has been suffering from polinosis for 25 years. Throughout the flowering season, he regularly took antihistamines. The severity of symptoms decreased slightly, but not for long as he still was troubled by nasal congestion, difficult breathing, itching in the nose and eyes and sneezing.

This year, against taking Synthesit without any antihistamines, he noticed only minor signs of allergy in the form of a slight itching of his nose and eyes. But his breath was unobstructed and there were no other uncomfortable phenomena inherent in this allergy.

Along with this, the respondent noted a boost of extraordinary energy, which literally did not allow him to sit still.
Doctor's comment: why does Synthesit relieve allergy symptoms?
Synthesit is an innovative product that entered the market more recently, but has already proven its effectiveness as a powerful assistant in improving the entire body processes. Synthesit is a unique product that has no analogues in the world. SYNTHESIT includes an active biogenic mineral - iron citrate, obtained in a special process and has an incomparable bio-efficiency and biogenicity.

The phenomenal properties of the product are confirmed by experimental data obtained at the Federal Research Institute of Primatology in Sochi. In scientific studies, the analysis of bone marrow myelograms of laboratory mice that received Synthesit for a long time, showed an increase in the active growth and recovery of cells of all shaped elements of blood cells. Some of the blood sprouts are lymphocytes, which are the main cells of the immune system responsible for the production of antibodies.

Since the basis of allergy is a disturbed immune response, the saturation of blood with full-fledged, non-sensitized lymphocytes under the influence of SYNTHESIT, apparently, normalizes immune responses and reduces the allergic mood of the body.

The positive effect of SYNTHESIT in allergies is also evidenced by video reviews of people taking it for the purpose of general health improvement of the body. It is still too soon to speak about complete elimination of allergies while taking SYNTHESIT – too short period of time this dietary supplement is used in practice. But the fact that it allows you to reduce and eliminate allergic symptoms is a fact.

Allergy without medication? Synthesit!
Please note, oders are shipped within 7 days by DHL service from the moment of payment of SYNTHESIT packages.
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