The technological process by which we obtain biogenic iron SYNTHESIT is a difficult complex of electrochemical and high-temperature reactions.

We developed it after a lot of experimental work.
As a result, we have developed a technology that has no analogues in the world.

Our laboratory has modern equipment for complex work and high-precision measurements.

The first amounts of the substance according to the technology were obtained in 2018-2019.
In 2019, phenomenal results were announced at the project's conference in Geneva, Switzerland.
We call SYNTHESIT as "Live iron".

The intake of this microelement has a significant effect on all body systems and especially on the hematopoietic system. SYNTHESIT has powerful biogenic properties that have a beneficial effect on the body.
It has a natural potential that is several times higher than the characteristics of any other microelements obtained from fossil, plant or animal raw materials.

SYNTHESIT restores and multiplies the number of stem cells.
This is a serious and significant effect of SYNTHESIT which has no analogues.
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